From Midwest to the Northwest

On Friday, I left for Portland, OR to attend my boyfriend’s sister. It was my first time traveling to the Pacific Northwest. Andy’s family rented a seven bedroom home 60 miles outside of Portland, in Hood River where the ceremony took place. The house had a rustic feel and was almost large enough to fill the demanding personalities of 14 people.


Friday was the rehearsal and dinner. The rehearsal (ceremony) was held at the Crag Rat Hut, on top of a mountain with the most picturesque backdrop, Mt. Hood. The newly weds are avid hikers and mountain climbers, so this location was very fitting. As you walk down the cobblestone steps, you’ll feel the warm breeze and sunlight beaming on your face. The rehearsal was short and sweet. The family then gathered to the Best Western for the rehearsal dinner. Family from all over spilled into the room. I snagged Andy away for a few pictures. Again, no picture could justify the amazingness around me.

image image

Saturday=the big day! My two roosters friends, Ren and Stimpy, became my new alarm. They were very close to becoming my breakfast.

Andy and a few family members decided to go on a short hike in Mt. Hood. The McCall Point hike is approximately 5 miles round trip. We reached the top of the peak and snapped a few pictures were photobombed by Mt. Adams and Mt. Helens.

image image

We arrive to Crag Rat Hut. Andy, the officiant for this momentous occasion, is pacing back and forth preparing for his big speech. I make my way over to the bar and have a glass of wine and plop my butt in a chair. Fast forward, the ceremony was nothing short of beautiful. Andy gave a heartfelt sermon that didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

We danced and drank the night away. Enjoyed gourmet coal fire pizza for dinner. Watched family members get iced. Munched on s’mores to help sober us all up. It was honestly one of the most perfect weddings I’ve been to.

image image

The following morning, we headed towards the downtown area of Mt. Hood and walked the streets, had a delicious lunch at Sixith Street Bistro, walked down to the river and had gelato. We trucked back to the house so we could “trash the dress”. We hiked over to Wahclella Falls and watch the bride slip into freezing cold water for some beautiful pictures. Definitely something I’ve never seen before!

image image image image

Monday, we packed the house and headed towards Downtown Portland and had lunch at a food truck hub. Now if you haven’t been told, Portland is known for their food trucks and craft beers. Unfortunately, the place we picked was not a winner. Only half of the stands were open. Lines were long. Service was slow. And the food was only just okay. But that’s the only time I’ve been. So I’ll try not to pass judgment.

image image

While some of the family went back to the hotel to shower and change, I stayed behind and walked around the Pearl Disctrict. I found tons of little boutique stores, breweries, and coffee shops. I stopped by Caffe Umbria and had a glass of chianti and some pizza, while I sat on the patio and people watched.

I met up with the rest of the crew and we walked towards a rooftop bar called the Departure. The gorgeous panoramic view is something that cannot be pissed. We capped off our evening going to the 8th floor at the Urban Farmer. This place is a hidden gem. The menu caters to steaks and chops. All grass-fed items with listings of all the local farms. I enjoyed the halbut and Andy had the salmon. Both amazing entrees!


Overall, the trip to Portland was a complete success. I always try my best to keep an open mind while traveling to a new place, and Portland did not disappoint. I can see how people can easily fall in love withthe city. The fresh mountain air, the wine, the people aree hard to beat. But that is why I like to travel. It makes me appreeciate what’s out in the world. To always be in a place that gives me everything, would make me lose interest in seeing things that aren’t alwas around me. It may sound backwards, but it works for me. Until next time…

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