Let’s Get Aquainted!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Leah, I am 28 years old and live in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in North Shore, in a town called Glenview. I graduated college from Northern Illinois University, where I received a degree in Corporate Communications and minor in Journalism. I was fortunate enough to also receive a full-ride scholarship for Division 1 Gymnastics. I bounced around with different ideas trying to figure out what I loved and what I could be successful at in life. Well I threw my fair share of parties during college. I stalked plenty of celebrities on daily basis via Perez Hilton. So event planning it is!

After graduation, I left for good ole Los Angeles, secured an internship at Bridge and Tunnel Communications. I got to work with D-list celebrities and write press releases! It was great until they told me they didn’t want to hire me full-time. So back to Chicago, I went.

I moved back home with my mother. Argued with her all the time. Worked at a Talent Agency, Forever 21, and a high-end denim store. I putzed around for about 7 months, then landed my first real corporate job at the American Association of Diabetes Educators as the Administrative Coordinator for the Meeting Services department. Here I am, almost five and half years later. I’ve been promoted a few times, most recently to Meeting Planner. I’ve planned several board meetings, workshops, and the real money-maker, Annual Meetings (over 5,000 attendees and exhibitors). I’ve met some incredible people and have gained so much knowledge while working here. I am forever grateful!

But now, it’s time to branch out even further, and really get into the grit of what I love doing. Outside of family and friends being the number one priority in my life, I truly enjoy food, traveling, and entertaining guests. So this will be the primary focus of my blog! Join me as I travel to different locations of the world. I will offer different tidbits on where to go, what to see, how to save money, and enjoy yourself! I will also dish out different ideas on how to throw a killer party that will leave your guests wanting more!

It might be a rough start at first. But stick with me, and we

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